Attack 2022 Story

Super Soldier John Abraham Combats Terrorism With Sci-Fi Powers

Attack starring John Abraham is a patriotic movie peppered with superb action and thrill. The surprising thing about the film is it is based on a story by John Abraham. It is the first installment of the movie and it will be delivered on the 1st April 2022 in theaters.


A hostage crisis brings the country to its knees and the government needs a soldier with exceptional firepower to overcome the terrorists and save the hostages. The government needs a cybertronic humanoid super-soldier to combat terrorism. An army veteran, Arjun Shergill (John Abraham) volunteers to become the first Super Soldier of the country. John Abraham himself tweeted to get ready for the action while releasing a poster of the movie.

Highlights Of The Movie:

• The movie is based on a true story
• The first movie of developing a Super Soldier to combat terrorism
• It has both science and fiction
• The action served is of the ultimate level
• John Abraham looks perfect as a Super Soldier

Attack Trailer

Attack 2022 Story

It begins with John Abraham reciting his philosophy for life while preparing to get transformed into a Super Soldier in a secret laboratory. It is a grand lab where John Abraham is administered a super serum of sorts in his veins. Soon he develops sci-fi power and busts up the baddies like rubber balls. The trailer also introduces Jacqueline Fernandez as his girlfriend and Ratna Pathak Shah as his mother. Also, the trailer gives a glimpse of kind of action viewers could see in the movie.

Attack First Look And Poster

Attack First Look And Poster

The poster features an injured John Abraham driving a superbike at a high speed and is followed by a helicopter seen in the background. The blue colored-poster looks like one from a sci-fi movie.

Why Watch The Movie?

So, fat John Abraham is the only reason for watching the movie.


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