Sharmaji Namkeen Review

The Last Film Of The Lover Boy Of The 90’s Rishi Kapoor

Sharmaji Namkeen is a light-hearted comedy movie featuring late actor Rishi Kapoor in the lead role. But he couldn’t complete the film and the director Hitesh Bhatia had to call Paresh Rawal to complete the movie. The movie also stars Juhi Chawla who has worked with Rishi Kapoor in movies like Bol Radha Bol and Daraar. The movie would release on Amazon Prime Video on 31st March 2022.


A recently retired official is excited about a new life where he has the freedom to pursue his dreams. Since he is no longer tied to eight hours working and reporting to bosses, he can become his own boss and do whatever he wants. He discovers a passion for cooking and joins a riotous women’s kitty circle to pursue his newly discovered passion. The story moves on with light moments related to the life of an average retired official.

Highlights of The Movie:

• It is the discovery of self-realization
• The movie highlights the extraordinary pursuits of ordinary men
• Juhi Chawla calls it a sweet and funny movie
• The stardom of late actor Rishi Kapoor is a big highlight
• Last screen appearance of Rishi Kapoor

Sharmaji Namkeen First Look And Poster

Sharmaji Namkeen movie

The poster features the two legendary actors late Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal in a similar dress. Both are carrying briefcases and look in a light and happy mood. The background is made up of vehicular pollution as a white car is seen emitting smoke in the backdrop.

Why Watch The Movie?

Seeing two legendary actors playing the same character is really a treat to the eyes. It is a family movie that brings the lighter side of average families to the fore. The chemistry of late actor Rishi Kapoor and Juhi Chawla will spell its magic.


Rishi Kapoor passed away just before completing the movie
• It is the directorial debut of Hitesh Bhatia
• Rishi Kapoor and Juhi Chawla came together for the movie 11 years after pairing in Luck By Chance in 2009


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