Jalsa Movie Review

Vidya Balan And Shefali Shah Fight For Justice For Women

Jalsa is the story of two distinct women connected together through a common thread. They create a strong bond that goes beyond their family background, profession, and life. The theme of the movie is based on the pain of losing loved ones in accidents and emotional conflicts the society faces while dealing with such untoward incidents.


Rukhshana (Shefali Shah) is the mother of a girl child killed in an accident and Maya (Vidya Balan) is an investigative journalist of a leading news channel pursuing the accident. Rukhsana refuses to accept the killing of her daughter as an accident and Maya gives her hopes that she will investigate the matter to find the truth. The entire movie revolves around the emotional conflict the two women face while unearthing the naked truth of the killing of a girl in a civilized society.

Highlights Of The Movie:

• The story largely centers around women’s issues
• The movie looks like a battle between the privileged and deprived
• Vidya Balan promises a new story and a different character
• Directory Suresh Triveni says the drama in the movie is peppered with the right amount of thrill
• A good attempt to use secrets, truths, and ironies in the movie

Jalsa Movie From The Trailer

Jalsa Movie Review

It is late night and a young girl is running from a man when she gets hit by a car. Her mother Rukhshana sees no reason for her daughter being out in late hours. Journalist Maya briefs her boss about the story and takes a keen interest in it. Later in the trailer, Maya is threatened to give up the story, and a child says she knows everything and she would tell if she is given chocolate.

Jalsa First Look And Poster

Jalsa First Look And Poster

The poster features Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah tied with a camera role showing a red-colored car. The camera role covers the eyes of Shefali Shah and the mouth of Vidya Balan. Truth is hidden from the mother and the journalist is kept silent.

Why Watch The Movie?

The movie is releasing on 18th March on Amazon Prime Video and the intriguing story with strong characters is expected to attract audiences.


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