Toolsidas Junior Review

Rajiv Kapoor Surprises Everyone With His Motivational Story

Toolsidas Junior is a sports flick but it will be much better to call it a father-son movie as the story is based on the love of a son for his father. Also, it became the last movie of the late actor Rajiv Kapoor, while earlier it was speculated to be the comeback movie of the late actor.


Toolsidas (Rajiv Kapoor) is an ace snooker player who takes pride in saying that he only plays for his son, Toolsidas Junior (Varun Buddhadev). As expected from a passionate player, Toolsidas looks for the opportunity of defeating champions. He promises his son to bring home a trophy by defeating a five-time champion Jimmy Tondon (Dalip Tahhil) in a tournament. Toolisdas Junior also feels proud but his dream is shattered when his father faces a humiliating defeat by the champion. But it inspires Toolsidas Junio to fulfill the dream of his father. He sets out to learn the game from a master and finds a mentor in Mohammed Salam (Sanjay Dutt).

Highlights Of The Movie:

• Inspired by true events
• A heart-warming story of a father-son bond
• Devoid of commercial elements like messy dialogues and action scenes
• Characters look real with identifiable qualities
• Varun Buddhadev impresses as a child actor
• Sanjay Dutt’s performance especially the dialogue delivery is enthralling

Toolsidas Junior First Look And Poster

The poster features a big ball rolling on a snooker table followed by three smaller balls. The lead actors Rajiv Kapoor, Varun Buddhadev, and Sanjay Dutt are seen at the far end of the snooker table holding their cues.

Why Watch The Movie?

It is the last movie of late actor Rajiv Kapoor who died young at the age of 58. Also, the father-son bond shown in the movie is a thing to experience. Sanjay Dutt looks stellar as a snooker player.


• Last movie of the late actor Rajiv Kapoor
• The movie was released posthumously after the death of Rajiv Kapoor on 9 February 2021
• Producer Ashutosh Gowariker said audiences will be surprised by Rajiv Kapoor’s performance


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