Bhagyashree Recalled A Kissing Incident With Salman Khan

Bhagyashree said that a popular photographer wanted Salman Khan to give a surprise kiss to her so that he could take a hot-photo of her and Salman Khan on the set of Maine Pyaar Kiya.

Salman Khan refused to kiss Bhagyashree

Both the stars were on the sets of Maine Pyaar Kiya when the incident happened but it wasn’t a part of the movie but a plot made by a photographer who’s no more today. He asked Salman Khan to kiss her because Bhagyashree was new to the industry.

She said the she was new to the industry and newcomers were treated very lightly by the industry. So, the photographer tried to take advantage of Bhagyashree’s position. He took the Dabangg star to a corner and asked Salman to hold Bhagyashree by surprise and take a smooch on her lips.

Smooching plot on Maine Pyaar Kiya

Salman Khan was a popular star but Bhagyashree was debuting with that movie. The photographer wanted to take a not-so-compromising picture of her and Salman. He asked Salman to kiss her without knowing that she was listening to their conversation. But Salman gave a fitting reply to that photographer. She felt safe with Salman’s reply.

Salman replied to the photographer

The Dabangg star replied he won’t do anything to Bhagyashree and if the photographer wanted such a scene then he must go and ask Bhagyashree for a smooching scene out of the Maine Pyaar Kiya sets. This replied assured Bhagyashree that she was safe while working with Salman Khan and others.

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