Dabangg 3: Sai Manjrekar And Kichcha Sudeep Get More Marks Than Salman Khan

Dabangg 3 has all the components available in the previous installments but it fails to receive the applause and reception that the earlier Dabangg movies had. The story is drab and there’s too much of Salman Khan in the movie.


It goes into flashback where a wrestler named Dhaakad Chand Pandey transforms into a smart police officer to take revenge. His love interest in the village attracts the attention of a baddie. The hero tries to save his love but the baddie outsmarts the hero and kills the girl. The hero then vows to take revenge.

Chulbul Pandy is an Assistant Superintendent of Police in Tundla in Uttar Pradesh and known for ruling his area with an iron hand. His first raid on a wedding party that was under attack by an armed gang of robbers shows how brutal Salman Khan could be with outlaws. It is a family drama with a pinch of comedy and lots of action with social messages.

Highlights of the Movie

• Debut movie of Saiee Manjrekar

• Dialogues like hum class aur mass don’t me like kaam karte hain

• Sudeep fits into the character of Bali Singh the baddie

• Salman Khan the trump card of the movie defies age to romance with an actress who’s barely out of her teens


The movie fails to elicit a positive response from the audience including the die-hard fans of Salman because the story lacks speed. There are songs but they seem to be forced on the viewers.

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