Carry Minati Celebrates His 21st Birthday Today

YouTube celebrity Carry Minati turns 21 today. Born on June 21, Ajay Nagar is the proud owner of the most subscribed YouTube channel CarryMinati. “So how are you guys” is the tagline of his channel.

Meet Ajay Nagar

The 21-year old YouTuber hails from Faridabad in the Delhi NCR region. He did his initial schooling from Delhi Public School (DPS) but he was more inclined to creative than traditional studies. Ajay launched his first YouTube channel at the age of 10-11. It was StealThFearzz but it didn’t receive expected response from the targeted audiences. He used to post different videos in this channel.

Journey to become a YouTuber

Presently, he is a solo YouTuber with highest number of subscribers (21.7 million+) in the country. Also, his video Yalgaar is also the most liked (10 million+) video on YouTube. But the biggest thing for Ajay Nagar is the TikTok vs YouTube controversy that shot his Carry Minati channel to success in a short time.

TikTok vs YouTube

The controversy proved to be a boon for Ajay Nagar who had 10.5 million subscribers. Carry Minati posted a video about TikTok vs YouTube and this video became an instant hit crossing all the limits. YouTube also removed that video citing its community guidelines but all went into the favour of Carry Minati.

Ajay Nagar started Roasting Culture in India. Before Carry Minati, this culture was hardly popular in the country. It is a type of humour but it is used with the permission of the person roasted.


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