Christie’s Proceeds With Sale Of Tutankhamun Statue Ignoring Egyptian Outcry

British auction house Christie’s auctioned a rate bust of Tutankhamun amid allegations from the former EgyptianMinister of State for Antiquities Affairs Dr.ZahiHawass.

The artefact

It was a rare quartzite bust of boy king as the god Amen that came for auction and was sold at a staggering price of STG4.7 million ($A8.4 million). However, the starting bid was of STG3m ($A5.4m).


Egyptian experts including the former minister who is himself a renowned archaeologist and Egyptologist. It was alleged that the rare bust of Tutankhamun was stolen from Egypt. But Christie’s clarified remain firm on the auction.


Christie’s stated that the it has no doubts about the origin of the historical artefact and that the rare bust was never a subject of investigation anywhere in the world.

The Christie’s further clarified its role of providing a transparent and legitimate market to historic objects. It recognized that sale of rare objects could spur complex discussions but it strengthened its position by saying that it upheld the highest standards for transfer of such objects.


Christie’s took strong cognizance to the allegation and reaffirmed that all the necessary processes related to sale of rare artefacts including their origins were completed in the sale of the rare Tutankhamun statue.


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