Cristiano Ronaldo Sees An Opportunity To Revival In Al Nassr Club

Cristiano Ronaldo started fresh with Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia after being expelled first by Manchester United and then by the Portuguese football team. The former Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus player had a tough time this world cup due to his outspoken attitude and diminishing performance.


• Cristiano Ronaldo signs a big contract with Al Nassr club in Saudi Arabia
• The former Manchester United player will get more than he could make with any other football club
• The contract will end on June 2025

What Is The Value Of the Al Nassr Contract For Cristiano Ronaldo?

The 37-year footballer will earn more than 200m euros for joining the club. He posted a picture of himself holding a blue and yellow shirt with his favored number seven printed on the back after signing the contract with the club. It will take him to June 2025. Those, who don’t know Al Nassr will be surprised to know that the club has won nine Saudi Arabian league titles.

Cristiano Ronaldo said that he couldn’t wait to discover a new football league in a different country after signing the contract. He further said that the vision with which Al Nassr operated was very inspiring, and he was delighted to join his teammates so that together they could help the team achieve greater success.

Nassr Contract For Cristiano Ronaldo

Why Was Cristiano Ronaldo Expelled From Manchester United And Portuguese Team?

Cristiano Ronaldo had been a great footballer throughout his career. He was the top scorer in the Champions League and for the Portuguese national team for which he won Euro 2016. He was the last playing with Manchester United but was removed for giving an explosive TV interview in which he said that he felt betrayed and that he had no respect for the coach Erik Ten Hag.

Also, the Portuguese national team relegated him to benches during the recent FIFA Cup due to his diminishing performance. Rumors about him joining the Al Nassr club had started during the World Cup.


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