Cristiano Ronaldo Sees An Opportunity To Revival In Al Nassr Club

Cristiano Ronaldo started fresh with Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia after being expelled first by Manchester United and then by the Portuguese football team. The former Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus player had a tough time this world cup due to his outspoken attitude and diminishing performance.


• Cristiano Ronaldo signs a big contract with Al Nassr club in Saudi Arabia
• The former Manchester United player will get more than he could make with any other football club
• The contract will end on June 2025

What Is The Value Of the Al Nassr Contract For Cristiano Ronaldo?

The 37-year footballer will earn more than 200m euros for joining the club. He posted a picture of himself holding a blue and yellow shirt with his favored number seven printed on the back after signing the contract with the club. It will take him to June 2025. Those, who don’t know Al Nassr will be surprised to know that the club has won nine Saudi Arabian league titles.

Cristiano Ronaldo said that he couldn’t wait to discover a new football league in a different country after signing the contract. He further said that the vision with which Al Nassr operated was very inspiring, and he was delighted to join his teammates so that together they could help the team achieve greater success.

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An Overjoyed Messi Dances With The Trophy On A Table

A video of Lionel Messi dancing with the World Cup trophy on a table inside the dressing room is going viral. Argentina forward led his team to victory in the final match against defending champion France. Also, he won the golden ball award.


• Lionel Messi celebrated his World Cup victory by dancing with the trophy
• He made a new world record for most World Cup appearances
• He also became the ‘Player of the Tournament

Why Was Lionel Messi Dancing With The World Cup Trophy?

Argentina won the World Cup in the penalty shootout with 4-2 goals. While the defending champion France played well with Kylian Mbappe scoring a hat-trick for France, the Les Bleus couldn’t defend their goalpost from Messi’s attack. But Kylian Mbappe became the second player ever to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final. Lionel Messi scored two goals for Argentina and even converted a penalty into a goal to lead his team to victory and became the ‘Player of the Tournament’.

What Was Messi’s World Cup Score?

Lionel Messi scored 7 goals in the World Cup just one short of Mbappe. But he made a new world record for most World Cup appearances with his 26th appearance in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Also, he has 13 goals in World Cup history.

Messi was given the Golden Ball award for the second time in World Cup history. The first time he won the award was in 2014 even when Argentina lost to Germany in … Read the rest

FIFA World Cup 2022: France VS Argentina Betting Odds

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has come to its conclusion with the defending champion France taking on the top contender Argentina which has performed well throughout the group stage matches. While it is an equal opportunity for both the contestants, France is more hopeful of repeating the success and retaining the championship.


• The FIFA World Cup final match will be played on Sunday between France and Argentina
• France hasn’t lost its firepower despite missing some major players
• Argentina is relying heavily on Messi


Strength: Les Bleus have the quick-strike ability needed to keep the pressure on the contesting teams. France will indeed miss some of its star players but it is also true that the existing players, especially Kylian Mbappe are doing fairly well. With five goals, Mbappe is the top contender for the Golden Boot followed by Olivier Giroud who’s scored four goals in the tournament. Another French player Antoine Griezmann is known for creating more scoring opportunities than any other player in the World Cup.

Weakness: France is relying more on quick-strike than ball possession and it could be a drawback as was seen during the semi-final match with Morocco. The Morocco team kept the French team under pressure throughout the match with their ball control skills.

FIFA World Cup 2022: France VS Argentina


Strength: Argentina has Lionel Messi who can keep major French players engaged. Also, Argentina needs to be a little bit more defensive to prevent French players from attacking.

Weakness: France has many attacking players that could send the entire Argentina squad into a defensive shell.


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France VS England World Cup Quarter-Final: Comparison Of Key Players

FIFA World Cup 2022 quarter-final match between the defending champion France and England has become more interesting due to the strong position of both teams.

Here’s a quick comparison between the important players of both the teams


• France will take on England in the World Cup quarter-final match on Saturday at the Al Bayt Stadium
• France is relying on Kylian Mbappe and England is betting on Kyle Walker

How Will England Defend Its Goalpost From Kylian Mbappe’s Attacks?

Kylian Mbappe is the fastest forward in the world and the top scorer with five goals in the World Cup. France is relying on Kylian Mbappe’s speed to breach the defensive line of the English football team. Kyle Walker could defend England against Mbappe but Walker is still recovering from a recent injury. In a recent match against Poland, Kylian Mbappe scored three goals at a speed of 35.3 kmph.

France VS England World Cup

Who Is The Key Player for England?

Harry Kane could rescue England with his ability to drop the ball deep between French midfield and make the defense lines to get into the ball. Also, he is capable of possessing and passing the ball to players like Bukayo Saka, Phil Foden, and Jude Bellingham who can score goals. Kane has a great run time inside the box where he can threaten the French goal. France can use its defensive midfielder Aurélien Tchouaméni to counter Kane’s attack.

Who Are The Other Key Players?

Antoine Griezmann with the most key passes (14) has emerged as France’s most reliable midfield in this World Cup. While England sees no threat from Griezmann, he can be a big creative for … Read the rest

What Lies Ahead For Cristiano Ronaldo After Manchester United?

The controversy around Cristiano Ronaldo is far from over with Ronaldo criticizing Manchester United club and its manager Erik ten Hag in an interview with broadcaster Piers Morgan. In response, the club terminated his contract. Also, he was benched in the latest FIFA knockout match where Portugal beat Switzerland 6-1.


• Manchester United has terminated its contract with Cristiano Ronaldo
• Ronaldo was also benched during the FIFA World Cup knockout match
• He could join the Saudi Arabia club Al-Nassr

How Did Manchester United Respond To Cristiano Ronaldo’s Criticism?

The club manager Erik ten Hag announced Ronaldo’s expulsion by terminating his contract with the club. The manager called Ronaldo ‘the past’ and also stated that the club was ‘looking at the future.

Ronaldo started his second stint with the club in 2021 and pooled 24 goals in all competitions. Also, he emerged as the third-highest goalscorer in the Golden Boot race with 18 goals in the Premier League. He was the Premier League Team of the year. He also won the club’s Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award.

Manchester United Respond To Cristiano Ronaldo’s Criticism

But Manchester United failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League despite the stunning performance by Cristiano Ronaldo. The club finished sixth in the competition. But Ronaldo could manage to score only one goal in 10 Premier League appearances during 2022-23 and two goals in the Europa League. When Ten Hag arrived, he replaced Cristiano Ronaldo with Marcus Rashford.

Ronaldo’s performance in the FIFA World Cup was also below average as he scored only one goal in the group stage. Finally, he was benched and replaced with Goncalo Ramos by the Portuguese coach … Read the rest

Manager Fernando Santos Benched Cristiano Ronaldo For This Reason

Portugal won its Round of 16 match against Switzerland by a comfortable 6-1 margin and marched into the quarter-finals with flying colors. But all wasn’t well with the winning team. Portuguese manager Fernando Santos sent Cristiano Ronaldo to the bench for the FIFA World Cup Round of 16 game.


• Cristiano Ronaldo was sent to the bench by his manager Fernando Santos
• Earlier the managers of Juventus and Manchester United had made the similar decision

What Went Wrong Between Portuguese Captain And Manager?

It would have been tough for Fernando Santos to make the big call of dropping Cristiano Ronaldo to the bench in an important knockout match but the decision made no impact on the team’s performance. And it wasn’t the first time that Ronaldo was sent to the bench.

What Football Pundits Have To Say About Ronaldo’s Dropping?

Manager Fernando Santos Benched Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was earlier dropped by Juventus and Manchester United managers. The latest incident was with Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag. It was said that Erik Ten Hag tried to make a move on Ronaldo. The manager tried to establish his authority over Ronaldo.

Neville, who has played alongside Ronaldo for a brief period at Manchester United, said on ITV that was Jeventus manager wrong. Was Manchester United’s manager wrong? Was Portugal’s manager wrong? He blamed Ronaldo’s indifferent attitude towards Santos for the incident.

But the former Manchester United player also tried to defend Ronaldo by saying that Ronaldo’s long-term legacy was set. He called Ronaldo one of the great all-time players. He further said that in the short term, Ronaldo had got to do a lot better. He said that the … Read the rest

FIFA Shares Stunning Facts About Stadium 974

Stadium 974 in Doha has been in news well before the FIFA World Cup shared 360-degree footage of Stadium 974 on its Twitter page. Qatar built seven stadiums in the run-up to the sporting event and Stadium 974 is one of them.


• Stadium 974 is made completely with recycled shipping containers
• It is the first-ever re-purpose built stadium in the history of the FIFA World Cup
• It will be fully dismantled and re-purposed post-World Cup

What Did FIFA Want To Show With 360-Degree Footage Of Stadium 974?

FIFA Shares Stunning Facts About Stadium 974

It is for the first time that FIFA World Cup has been held in the Middle East. And the desert country is ready for the sports extravaganza. Qatar built seven stadiums including Stadium 974 but used only recycled containers in building this facility. Also, it is named 974 which is the international dialing code of the desert nation. Also, all containers shipped from Gulf use 974 as a code.

Located in Ras Abu Aboud in the portside area of Doha, Stadium 974 is the only non-air-conditioned stadium in the desert country. And it is exciting to know why it isn’t made air-conditioned. The cool breezes coming from the Arabian Gulf keep it cool.

Stadium 974 has a sitting capacity of 44,089 audiences. The website tells that it will be used for seven matches with the last match played on December 5. Brazil v/s South Korea was the last World Cup match in … Read the rest

See South Koreans Taking On Five-Time World Champions In The Knockout Game

The five-time world champion Brazil will play with South Korea in the Round of 16. Brazil’s last group stage match was no less than a shock for it as Brazil lost the match by 1-0 to Cameroon. But Brazil had already secured a place in the Round of 16, so the loss has little impact on its position. But the loss certainly broke the confidence of Brazil’s players.


• Brazil will meet South Korea in a Group of 16 clash
• The five-time world champion is ready with a fresh squad for the knockout match
• South Korea is brimming with confidence by their latest win against Portugal

How Is Brazil Preparing To Take On South Korea?

Brazil lost its last group match to Cameroon and it could be a cause of concern for their coach Tite as he wants his team to capitalize on their massive ball possession and shot advantage. Since Brazil has rested its key players in the Cameroon match, it can expect new energy in the team for the South Korean match.


How Is South Korea Preparing For A Match Five-Time World Champions?

Fresh and energized from the latest win against Portugal where South Koreans saved the match with one goal in the stoppage time, the South Korea team is hopeful of going through the knockout stage.

Where The Match Will Be Played?

The match will be played in a modular stadium called Stadium 974. It is the first temporary venue ever used in World Cup history. The stadium can house 40,000 spectators and it has seen five matches of the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup. It will be dismantled after seven world cup games including … Read the rest

People’s Verdict In Japan’s Controversial Goal Against Spain In World Cup Goes To Spain

Spain and Japan both moved to the Round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup 2022 despite Spain losing the match due to a controversial goal by Ao Tanaka. Germany beat Costa Rica in another Group E clash by 4-2 but had to go home. Had Spain won the match, Germany would have entered the knockout stage.


• Japan beat Spain by 2-1 to enter the knockout round
• Spain entered the Group of 16 despite losing the match
• Germany was out of the tournament despite beating Costa Rica by 4-2

What Is The Controversy About Ao Tanaka’s Goal?

Japan’s Controversial Goal Against Spain In World Cup Goes To Spain

Tanaka got a pass from Kaoru Mitoma and turned that opportunity into a goal that proved the deciding moment of the match. The goal came in the 51st minute after which Spain got no opportunity to equalize the score. But the way Kaoru Mitoma made the pass is questionable. A VR check was done and the verdict was declared in the favor of Japan.

In the VR check, it is clear that Kaoru Mitoma was near the touchline before making a pass for Tanaka. The VR check clearly shows the ball was beyond the touchline but the verdict was awarded to Japan. But football pundits … Read the rest

Spain V/S Japan Match Will Decide Germany’s Advance To Knockout Stage

The Friday fixture of the FIFA World Cup 2022 at Khalifa International Stadium is going to be crucial for Spain and Japan. Spain finished its last match with Germany in a draw and Japan lost its match against Costa Rica and it was only a win that could guarantee its advance in the knockout round.


• Spaniards don’t need to win as even a draw would be enough for the team to advance
• Japan will head home if it loses Friday’s match

Spain In World Cup 2022

Spain has the highest four points, Japan and Costa Rica have three points each, and Germany has one point. Spain played its last match with Germany which was a draw. Spain can easily get into the knockout round by beating or even equalizing the Friday match with Japan. But losing the match could make it difficult for Spain to move ahead.

What Happens If Spain Loses The Match?

Spain can go home with a loss if Costa Rica beats Germany in another match. Or Germany beats Costa Rica with a margin bigger than Spain’s. Spain beat Cost Rica by 7-0 in its opening match. Winning Friday’s match or at least an equalizer is crucial for Spain to advance into the knockout stage.

Spain VS Japan

Japan In World Cup 2022

Japan beat the four-time champion Germany 2-1 in their opening match. But they couldn’t maintain the rhythm and lost their second match to Cost Rica by 1-0. If Japan loses Friday’s match, they will have to head home.

Could Germany Enter The Knockout Stage?

Germany has a fair chance of entering the knockout stage if Spain beats Japan and … Read the rest