People’s Verdict In Japan’s Controversial Goal Against Spain In World Cup Goes To Spain

Spain and Japan both moved to the Round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup 2022 despite Spain losing the match due to a controversial goal by Ao Tanaka. Germany beat Costa Rica in another Group E clash by 4-2 but had to go home. Had Spain won the match, Germany would have entered the knockout stage.


• Japan beat Spain by 2-1 to enter the knockout round
• Spain entered the Group of 16 despite losing the match
• Germany was out of the tournament despite beating Costa Rica by 4-2

What Is The Controversy About Ao Tanaka’s Goal?

Japan’s Controversial Goal Against Spain In World Cup Goes To Spain

Tanaka got a pass from Kaoru Mitoma and turned that opportunity into a goal that proved the deciding moment of the match. The goal came in the 51st minute after which Spain got no opportunity to equalize the score. But the way Kaoru Mitoma made the pass is questionable. A VR check was done and the verdict was declared in the favor of Japan.

In the VR check, it is clear that Kaoru Mitoma was near the touchline before making a pass for Tanaka. The VR check clearly shows the ball was beyond the touchline but the verdict was awarded to Japan. But football pundits have a different take on the ball.

What Was The Impact Of The Verdict?

Japan was declared the winner of the match and Germany lost a place in the Round of 16. Both Japan and Spain moved to the knockout stage from Group E but Germany has to head home despite being a deserving team. The Internet is flooded with VR checks showing the ball on the wrong side.


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