Devendra Fadnavis Goes BS Yeduyurappa Way In Maharashtra Politics

The drama that unfolded in Maharashtra reminds of 2018 Karnataka incident when BS Yediyurappa became chief minister for 56 hours. The fractured mandate of 2018 Karnataka election prevented BJP to form a majority government and its misadventure resulted in public humiliation.

Karnataka government formation in 2018

BJP secured only 105 seats from the 224 legislative assembly seats in Karnataka in 2018 elections. The other seats went to Congress 80 and JD(S) 37. With no party in the position to stake claim to power, BJP moved ahead. The majority mark in Karnataka is 113.

Governor VajubhaiVala invited Yediyurapp to form the government despite the other parties – Congress and JD(S) – claiming to have the majority to form the government. The aggrieved parties went to Supreme Court for help and the SC woke up at midnight to end the high-octane political drama of Karnataka. It ordered Yediyurappa to prove its majority in 24 hours and the former opted to resign instead of facing humiliation. But Yediyurappa again became the chief minister because the Congress JD(S) coalition could last only for 14 months.

2006 Memory

In 2006, HD Kumaraswamy defied his father and JD(S) chief HD Deve Gowda to strike an alliance with BJP but failed to keep his promise of returning the power to BJP according to the power-sharing arrangement. Ajit Power did the similar thing with Sharad Pawar in 2019 and both met the same fate. In Maharashtra, AjitPawar resigned before floor test but Kumaraswamy ruled the state for 20 months.


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