Economic Slowdown Is Cyclic:I&B Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar

In the latest trending news, the I&B and Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar presented the 100-day report card of Modi 2.0 government and answered some of the burning questions related to Kashmir, economic slowdown and steep penalties for traffic violations.

Article 370 and 35A

The minister made it clear thatabrogation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir was necessary to bring the erstwhile princely state into the mainstream development politics. He made a strong point by saying that not a single bullet had been fired in Kashmir for 35 days of repealing the special status. Also, Section 144 is in effect in only 14 police stations.

I&B and Environment Minister on Pakistan

The minster said that Kashmir was the center of foreign policy of Pakistan and that is why Pakistan is making hue and cry over the change of Kashmir’s status. But the world leaders are with India.

Economic slowdown

The minister said that the economy was on strong ground despite global slowdown. He further stressed that the government was taking whatever measures were necessary. The country was on the way to become a $5 trillion economy and supported the measures like merger of public sector banks and additional credit expansion would help the economy in the long run. He promised that the infra projects worth over Rs. 100 lac crores in the next rive years would strengthen the economy.

Motor Vehicles Act

According the minister, steep hike in traffic challans was necessary to keep a tab over rash driving and irresponsible behavior by motorists. The objective of heavy fine is to discourage motorists from taking the traffic rules lightly.

Highlights of the 100-day report card

• Piped water to every household by 2024
• Pension scheme to all 14.5 crore farmers
• Making triple talaq a penal offence
• Safeguarding child rights by amending POSCO act


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