F3: Fun and Frustration: Movie Review

Director Anil Ravipudi And Actors –Venkatesh, Varun, Tamannaah And Mehreen – All Running After Money

F3: Fun and Frustration is the sequel of the 2019 movie F2: Fun and Frustration. While the F2 dealt with the fun and frustration in relationships, the sequel F3 is all about the fun of running after money and the frustration of not getting enough.


Anand Prasad (Murali Sharma) is an influential businessman. He is in search of his lost heir. Venky (Venkatesh) and Varun Yadav (Varun Tej) are ordinary guys with ordinary lives but they dream of becoming rich one day. When they come to know about Anand Prasad, they see it as an opportunity to become rich. They involve Tamannaah (Harika) and Mehreen (Honey) in their plan. Would they be able to become heirs of the unlimited wealth of Marali Sharma?


• Venkatesh and Varun did a commendable job with their expressions and mannerism
• Using the casts of F2 creates an engaging canvas that keeps the viewers enthralled throughout the movie
• Comedy is a strong highlight of the movie as it makes it interesting despite a weak story


• The weak story fails to convince the viewers
• Songs are disappointing due to editing
• Some emotional scenes are looked forced in the movie

F3: Fun and Frustration First Look & Poster

F3: Fun and Frustration First Look & Poster

The poster has the theme of the movie. It features the lead actors Venkatesh and Varun money in umbrellas. They have colorful dresses, goggles, and big smiles on their faces. Happy to see money raining, they have turned their umbrellas upside down to collect as much as they can.

Why Watch The Movie?

Venkatesh and Varun are the biggest reasons for watching the comedy movie. Venkatesh dealing with his night blindness looks funny. Also, you will like Varun’s delivery of dialogues in Telangana accent and stammer. Tamannaah also gets a decent screen time to show her skills and talent. The movie is also filled with many character artists that further add value to the weak story.


Seems no trivia available for the movie

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