Selena Gomez’s Summer Look And Her Frustration Over Texas Shooting

Did you see the summer look of Selena Gomez? The actress has improved her hairstyle to a very long and a little lighter. If you can recall, she was seen with a dark bob with blunt bangs this spring. And again, she has gone for a new haircut in summer.


• Singer Selena Gomez got a new summer look with long hair
• She debuted on TikTok with the new hairstyle
• Selena Gomez also demanded strict action for the culprits of the Texas shooting

Selena Gomez’s New Summer Haircut

Selena Gomez’s New Summer Haircut

TikTok followers of Selena Gomez saw the actress in a haircut yesterday. And it isn’t too long since the actress had undergone a hairstyle change. The last time she got a haircut was in spring but that was temporary. But whether her new summer haircut would be permanent is just speculation.

Selena Gomez’s Twitter Post On Texas Shooting

Twitter isn’t her preferred way of expressing her emotions but she took the microblogging site to condole the death of 19 children and two teachers in the Texas shooting. The singer vented her frustration over the administration sitting idle over the gun culture. She even implored the US leaders to do something to prevent such incidents in the future.

Selena Gomez said in her home state of Texas 19 innocent children were killed while trying to get an education. She also condole the death of two adults in the incident. She further wrote that if children weren’t safe in schools then where were they safe. It was so frustrating that she wasn’t sure what to say anymore, said the singer. She linked her tweet to Everytown’s site where people can donate to support their work ending gun violence in the US.

Gomez’s long-time friend Taylor Swift also condemned the US leaders for their inaction in the incidents of multiple mass shootings. She even mentioned Buffalo, Laguna Woods, and other incidents in her tweet.


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