FAIMS Opposing Renaming Of AIIMS For This Reason

The Union Health Ministry has proposed to change the names of all AIIMS institutions including that in Delhi but the Faculty Association of AIIMS (FAIMS) wants the ministry to reconsider its move. The FAIMS also sought an appointment with the Union Health Minister to discuss the long-standing issues.


• The government has proposed changing the names of all 23 AIIMS institutions
• All 23 AIIMS will be given new names based on the culture and history of the location of the institutions
• The Faculty Association of AIIMS (FAIMS) said AIIMS will lose its identity with this move

What Is The Proposal Of the Union Health Ministry?

The Union Health Ministry has proposed renaming all 23 AIIMS based on their distinct history or geographical identity. The names could be selected from local or regional heroes, historical monuments, freedom fighters, or the geo-location of the institutions.

Why Is FAIMS Opposing Renaming Of AIIMS?

FAIMS Opposing Renaming Of AIIMS

The Faculty Association of AIIMS (FAIMS) has expressed its concern over the renaming of the esteemed medical institutions of the country. And all faculty members opposed the move in a recent opinion poll done by the FAIMS. They even wrote to Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya to reconsider the proposal.

FAIMS is of the opinion that the identity of an institution is linked with its name and if the identity is lost, the institute loses its recognition both within the country and outside. The faculty sought examples of Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard Universities that have been retaining their names since their inception. The letter said that famous and established institutions had the same names for centuries.

The letter further said that the renaming of AIIMS would have a demoralizing effect on the faculty. They requested the Union Minister to maintain the premier and mentor institute status of AIIMS Delhi with respect to others in the country in the letter.

The faculty also reminded the minister of long-pending issues related to autonomy, in-campus accommodation, and administration reform (rotation of headship) at AIIMS, Delhi.

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