Football Champions League: Erling Haaland Claim Borussia Dortmund Advantage Over PSG!

BVB generally is known as Dortmund, a German Professional sports club. And the Famous name of Dortmund club, Erling Haaland gave his best again with this champion league season by scoring two more goals that give the greatest advantage over PSG (Paris St-Germain).

This year, a 19-year old boy showed his outstanding performance two times. One was the remarkable finish that done after Raphael Guerreiro’s shot and second, was a left-footed surprise from the 20 yards.

He is well-known for his outstanding performance so far in the leagues with 10 goals in 7 games. On Tuesday he made tenth and eleventh goal since his BVB journey. Haaland did his best rather than other players in the game. Besides all these, Erling has a 2-1 win over PSG after the 16-tie.

On this win and after the game of Tuesday, Haaland told DAZN “these are the nights you should live for”.

The Opposite team PSG can be better and the team showed his performance in this league precise average. They have 6 goal in this league so far. They did not give their best and even the team has spoken up and said, we did silly mistakes and we were not enough smart to win over Haaland. He was the man of the match, but yes we haven’t lost our spirit.

There are few more matches to come on and we do our best and get back into the form.

The few updates on the match &see what happened:

90- Fulltime

90+1- Jadon Sancho replaced with Marcel Schmelzer.

90’ yellow card- Marquinhos booked.

81’- Neymar hits the ball, but it was top of the post and out of play.

77’ Haaland added Dortmund again.

69’- BVB 1 and PSG-0

59’- unsuccessful attempt made by Neymar again.

54’- Idrissa booked for a foul.

45’ halftime

36- Emre wins a ball and Haaland receives

14- Jadon missed a shot

11- Neymar made a curly kick from the right post.

1-The game was under Dortmund


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