Goodfellows Starts Its Services In Mumbai With The Help Of Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata supports Goodfellows, a startup that connects senior citizens with young people for meaningful friendships. The startup was founded by Shantanu Naidu (30) who also manages Ratan Tata’s startup investment portfolio.


• Goodfellows that promotes “inter-generational friendships” gets support from Ratan Tata
• It is a subscription-based service for senior citizens who live alone
• Ratan Tata has backed up at least 50 startups since he retired from his executive job

What Is Goodfellows?

It is a startup working to find companions for senior citizens without families or whose kids have settled abroad. Lonely living poses a mental and physical health challenge for senior citizens but now they can find companions that are young, energetic, and intelligent. The young fellows can join seniors for going on a walk, watching movies, or simply having a conversation.

How Does Goodfellows Work?

The startup would connect 50 “grandpals” including men and women over 70 with “good fellows” in their twenties. The young fellows will be on the payroll of the startup. It has already selected an electric group of employees after several rounds of intense vetting and psychometric testing. Many of them are recent graduates in engineering, arts, and filmmaking.

What Are The Prospects Of Goodfellows?

Presently the service is started for Mumbai only but Mr. Naidu plans to expand it to Bengaluru as well. Talking about the prospects of Goodfellows, Mr. Naidu said that he knew that many non-profit models had failed because the unpaid volunteers didn’t commit for the long-term. Goodfellows has paid volunteers that can remain committed for the long term.

What Did Ratan Tata Say About Goodfellows?

Ratan Tata Say About Goodfellows

Ratan Tata said that people didn’t know what it was to be lonely until they spend time alone wishing for companionship. They didn’t mind getting old, until they got old and they find that was a difficult world, said Ratan Tata while addressing a group consisting of seniors and their young friends.


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