Google Doodle: See Oskar Sala Playing His Mixture-Trautonium

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to Oskar Sala, the German innovative electronic music composer and physicist who electrified the world of music with his musical instrument called a mixture-trautonium. Today is his 112th birthday and Google has dedicated an artistic Doodle to Oskar Sala.


• Oskar Sala developed mixture-trautonium with which he can produce different sounds or voices simultaneously
• He began creating music at the age of 14
• He created electronic music for many movies and television and radio programs
• He was called a one-man orchestra due to his exceptional music composing skills

Who Was Oskar Sala?

Born in Greiz, Germany in 1910 to a singer mother and ophthalmologist father with musical interest, Oskar Sala inherited music from his parents. At 14, he started playing instruments like the violin and piano. But it was a trautonium that caught his attention and he made developing the instrument the objective of his life.

What Is Trautonium?

It is a musical instrument with a unique set of features that make it stand out from others. Oskar Sala was so impressed with this instrument that he went on to master the instrument. His inspiration also helped in his studies in physics and composition at school.

What Was The Musical Instrument of Oskar Sala?

Musical Instrument of Oskar Sala

His education in composition and elector-engineering led him to the discovery of a new musical instrument called mixture-trautonium. And this new instrument was so unique that it could produce sounds and voices like birds chirping, hammering, and windows and doors slamming. He also built the Quartett-Trautonium, Concert Trautonium and the Volkstrautonium. In 1995, he donated his original mixture-trautonium to the German Museum for Contemporary Technology.

Oskar Sala Works And Achievements

He gave music to movies like Rosemary (1959) and The Birds (1962). He gave many interviews and met leading artists of his time. Also, he receives numerous awards and accolades for his contribution to the world of music. His efforts in music opened a new field called subharmonics. And people started Oskar Sala one-man orchestra due to his musical skills.


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