Green Card Holders Can Again Apply For Job In US

US President Joe Biden took a big decision of revoking a ban over green card holders preventing their entry into the US. The ban was imposed by his predecessor Donald Trump citing unemployment as a reason.

What was the visa ban?

Las year, then president of US, Donald Trump, imposed a ban on green card applications saying that the ban was needed to protect the US workers that were already facing difficulties in business and employment due to pandemic induced lockdown. The ban was imposed up to March 31 but Biden administration revoked it before its expiry.

Trump’s ban was blocked by judiciary

US President Joe Biden took a big decision of revoking

A federal judge in California blocked the ban imposed by Trump in October ruling while listening to the plight of hundreds of thousands of US businesses that took the policy matter to court. A California-based immigration attorney working for people subject, Curtis Morrison, said that Biden administration would have to deal with a huge number of applications that had been allowed to pile during pandemic time.

The lawyer further said that the process of clearing those applications could take many years. He said that Trump was responsible for creating this backlog as he broke the immigration system completely.

Biden gave reason for lifting the ban

Biden rejected the excuse given by Trump to impose a ban over green card holders. The Democrat president said that ban was preventing families from reuniting and that businesses were suffering due to the ban. It is to be noted that Biden had vowed to do away with many of his predecessor’s policies.


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