Donald Trump Is Going To Announce His Re-Election Bid In The Coming Days

Donald Trump Is Going To Announce His Re-Election

Former President Donald Trump said that he was going to make a big announcement in the coming days. It is to be noted that Trump had never come to terms with his lost re-election bid in 2020. Also, he was giving hints of re-entering the fray in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections.


• Donald Trump hinted he could fight the 2024 presidential elections
• He lost the re-election bid in 2020
• The Republican was the closest to confirming his re-election bid in the 2024 elections

What Announcement Did Donald Trump Make On Monday?

Donald Trump Is Going To Announce His Re-Election

Donald Trump said that he would make a big announcement about his decision to re-enter the race for the White House in 2024 in the coming days. Trump lost his re-election bid in 2020 but it didn’t deter him from re-entering the fray in the next presidential elections.

Trump made the statement about his re-election during a meeting in Ohio on the eve of US polls in Ohio. These polls will determine the control of Congress. He told a cheering crowd that he wasn’t detracted from the very important election in 2024. He further said that he would make a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15 at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Republican was closest during the last elections and he is ready to re-enter the fray to the top post in the US administration. He never accepted his defeat in the 2020 presidential elections.


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Green Card Holders Can Again Apply For Job In US

US President Joe Biden took a big decision of revoking

US President Joe Biden took a big decision of revoking a ban over green card holders preventing their entry into the US. The ban was imposed by his predecessor Donald Trump citing unemployment as a reason.

What was the visa ban?

Las year, then president of US, Donald Trump, imposed a ban on green card applications saying that the ban was needed to protect the US workers that were already facing difficulties in business and employment due to pandemic induced lockdown. The ban was imposed up to March 31 but Biden administration revoked it before its expiry.

Trump’s ban was blocked by judiciary

US President Joe Biden took a big decision of revoking

A federal judge in California blocked the ban imposed by Trump in October ruling while listening to the plight of hundreds of thousands of US businesses that took the policy matter to court. A California-based immigration attorney working for people subject, Curtis Morrison, said that Biden administration would have to deal with a huge number of applications that had been allowed to pile during pandemic time.

The lawyer further said that the process of clearing those applications could take many years. He said that Trump was responsible for creating this backlog as he broke the immigration system completely.

Biden gave reason for lifting the ban

Biden rejected the excuse given by Trump to impose a ban over green card holders. The Democrat president said that ban was preventing families from reuniting and that businesses were suffering due to the ban. It is to be noted that Biden had vowed to do away with many of his predecessor’s policies.

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Donald Trump Won’t Get Intelligence Briefings For This Reason

US President Joe Biden said that Donald Trump shouldn’t receive intelligence briefings due to his checkered history as US President. In US, it is customary for former presidents to use intel briefings.

Reasons for denying intel briefings to Trump

Joe Biden said to CBS Evening News that there was no need to share intelligence briefings with his predecessor Donald Trump because he might slip and said anything. Biden cited Trump’s erratic behavior in the Capitol Hill incident on January 6 to deny him intel info. He said that Trump incited his followers to storm Capitol Hill to disrupt the election proceedings.

Incidents when Trump slept his tongue

In May 2017, Trump put any ally’s assets at risk when he shared classified information with Russian Foreign Minister and ambassador in a meeting.

The US intelligence briefed Trump that Russia intervened in 2016 election by conducting a massive hacking operation. But Donald Trump publicly questioned the findings.

Also, Donald Trump was impeached on the charges of forcing Ukraine to influence the November 3 elections in his favor. While former US presidents are entitled to receive intel info but Trump critics fear that he might reveal the info vital for security and integrity of the country.

Joe Biden raised concern that what if Trump said something in public. Considering the past record of slipping tongue while in White House, Biden was right in his concern about sharing intel info with Trump, who is still adamant on his stand that the elections were stolen from him.

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First COVID-19 Vaccine: Present Status Of Potential COVID-19 Vaccines


Good news about potential COVID-19 vaccines have started pouring in from different regions after 2,58,344 deaths and 3.66 million positive cases. But it is the US and Italy that witnessed massive destruction of human life due to the virus infection. And it is surprising to know that these two countries claim to have the best healthcare facilities in the world.

Status of potential COVID-19 vaccines

• The first good news is coming from Italy that claims to have developed a vaccine for COVID-19. Presently the vaccine is in the most advance stage of trial in the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome. This vaccine neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 virus in human cells.

• A day before, Israeli Defense Minister also announced a breakthrough in developing COVID-19 vaccine by Israel’s Institute for Biological Research (BIR). He said that BIR had developed a monoclonal neutralizing antibody to combat novel coronavirus.

• Jenner Institute in Oxford University is working on a potential vaccine – ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. Clinical trial on human volunteers has started on April 23. The vaccine contains a strain of common cold virus and the scientists have taken the genetic material of novel coronavirus to make the vaccine work.

• India is experimenting with plasma therapy that provides passive immunity to COVID-19 patients. Plasma from the blood of a patient recovered from coronavirus infection is taken for treatment. The seriously ill patients are provided the therapy and it is showing good signs. But India is yet to announce any breakthrough in plasma therapy because it carries the risk of life-threatening transfusion related complications.

• US President Donald Trump rightly said that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) can be a game changer in the fight against COVID-19. HCQ successfully inhibited SARX-CoV-2 infection but it’s prolonged use could result in … Read more

President Donald Trump Claims To Have Tested More Than India In Record Days


A triumphant Donal Trump announced that the US had carried out more tests for the novel coronavirus pandemic than 10 countries and this list includes India. The President Trump even went ahead to listing those countries and the number of tests the US had conducted.

President Donald Trump made a record testing

Mr Trump said that the US continued to make steady progress in its war against COVID-19 as he had tested 4.18 million people and that was a record. America had tested more than France, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Canada and India said Trump while speaking to media in White House.

Number of COVID-19 patients in the US

There are total of 764,000 patients in America but the total number of fatalities has crossed 40,000 mark. With 2,42,000 cases and over 17,600 deaths, New York has emerged as the epicentre of the disease. But the data over eight-day period revealed a decline of 50% in new cases in New York.

In his address to the media, Trump highlighted the progress achieved in other states that include Seattle, Detroit, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Houston Metro. He assured the people that country was going to be safe.

US under lockdown

At present, more than 95% of population in the US is under stay-at-home order but the President Trump said that they were doing a great job. He further said that their aggressive strategy was working and that they have saved countless lives.


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Trump Accuses WHO Of Bias And Threatens To Cut Funding


US President Donald Trump accused the World Health Organization of bias towards China during the coronavirus pandemic and said that he could cut US funding to the WHO for its biased behavior.

Trump threatened WHO

Donald Trump said WHO, the UN body, could see a very powerful hold on funding from the US. It is well-known that the US is the biggest contributor of funds to WHO.

Trump pursues an America First policy and he has criticized WHO and other UN and multinational organizations in pursuance of his policy. But he revealed no details about the amount of fund to be withheld. On the contrary, he said that he was not saying, he was going to do that. He would look at ending the funding, added Trump.

Trump accuses WHO of bias

Donald Trump accused WHO of being very China centric while giving a faulty recommendation against curtailing international travel to stop the virus that first spread in China. He said that fortunately he rejected their advice on keeping the US borders open to China early on.

China also faced criticism from Republicans for mishandling the pandemic and Trump had expressed doubt over the statistics of coronavirus cases and deaths shared by China. Also, the Trump is facing criticism for initially downplaying the virus.

Trump likened the novel coronavirus to an ordinary flu and said that it was under control in the US. But soon he accepted that it was a national health emergency.

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COVID-19 Is A National Emergency In US


US President Donald Trump declared coronavirus a national emergency and free up $50 billion in federal funds to vastly ramp the testing facility to battle against the outbreak. He said that he was declaring a national emergency to unleash the full power of the federal government.

Donald Trump on battling COVID-19

He said that the next eight weeks were crucial but he was hopeful of winning the battle. The all US States are asked to set emergency centers. Also, the federal government will partner with private companies to accelerate production of test kits for coronavirus.

Trump also asked every hospital to activate emergency preparedness plan to provide medical assistance to Americans everywhere. He said that the government would remove every obstacle to deliver the care the Americans are entitled to.

The US health secretary also got new authority to waive a series of regulations like telemedicine and allowing medical facilities to bring more staff.

US authorities were criticized

The authorities were facing criticism over lack of test kits that allowed the virus to take the country into its grip. Earlier the Trump administration announced that it was funding $1.3 billion in two labs that would develop the kits that give authentic results in one hour. These firms are DiaSorin Molecular of California and QIAGEN of Maryland.

Meanwhile the US Food and Drug Administration has already given green signal to Swiss Pharmaceutical giant Roche to develop a faster COVID-19 kit. Also, Roche has promised that half of the kits would be available early next week.

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Donald Trump Puts Travel Ban On 26 European Nations But Keeps UK And Ireland Out


Under the mounting pressure to control coronavirus, President Donald Trump imposed travel restrictions on 26 European countries for a month. People from the said countries are banned from traveling to US for the said period.

US bans travel from Europe

The president took the dramatic step to address the health and economic shocks to Americans and to respond to the criticism that he hadn’t taken serious attempts to contain coronavirus spread in America. But he kept the UK and Ireland free from the travel order. Also, the travel advisor doesn’t apply to US citizens coming home.

Trump announced economic steps

To cushion the blow to American business that is already down with a sudden loss of consumer demand, the president said that trade won’t be affected by the travel restriction. He said in a tweet that the restrictions stopped people and not goods. But US stock futures slid further to more than 4% as the president made the announcement.

Trump looking for re-election

Trump’s re-election on November 3 depends largely on how well he responds to coronavirus crisis. It has enveloped his presidency. He used his Oval Office for the speech but he wasn’t comfortable in the setting. He read his speech in a hurried manner and sometimes spoke without mike. But he failed to mention the important issues like accelerating the production and availability of testing kits and facial masks.

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Donald Trump Said India Has Religious Freedom And That CAA Is Up To India


The US President Donald Trump said that Narendra Modi wanted people to have religious freedom. He was speaking to the media about the violence in parts of Delhi over contentious citizenship law.

Donal Trump on CAA violence in Delhi

He said that he didn’t discuss individual attacks and those were up to India. He further said that they talked about religious freedom and that Prime Narendra Modi had worked very hard to have people great and open religious freedom. He also said that India had really worked hard on religious freedom.

On CAA, Donal Trump said that he didn’t want to say anything about CAA and that it was up to India. He hoped that India will take right decision for its people.

News conference of Foreign Secretary

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said that the CAA didn’t come up between Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump but both the leaders discussed religious freedom in a very positive way.

Delhi violence

Clashes over CAA continued to scorch Delhi for a second day when Donal Trump was in the capital for an arms-deal with India. The protests over anti-CAA law have taken lives of 25 people so far and there have sporadic clashes in Delhi and other parts of the country over CAA.

The protestors were attacking whoever came in their way when Donald Trump was with his family just 15 km away. The protestors attacked public property, vehicles and even police personnel and news reporters.

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Mukesh Ambani Showered Praises On Satya Nadella


Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met at Microsoft Future Decoded CEO Summit and shared their vision for India.

Mr. Ambani on Trump’s visit

He said as they were speaking, Donald Trump had arrived in Ahmedabad and the India he would see in 2020 was different from the India Jim Carter saw or Bill Clinton saw or even Barack Obama saw. He further said that people had mobile phones and the mobile network in India was at par with anybody else in the world.

Mr. Nadella said about Microsoft

India-born Satya Nadella outlined the goal of Microsoft’s products in India. The key message was India’s potential and the focus of Microsoft for next decade. How every organization in India rides the new wave of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. He further said that their mission was to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Mr. Ambani praised Nadella

He said that every Indian was proud of Nadella. He further said that what he admired about Nadella and what he learned was that Nadella’s leadership style was ability to rely on partnerships and build trust and relationships.

Mr. Ambani also talked about digital transactions in writing country’s growth story. He recalled how his father started Reliance and how RIL moved from a startup to a big business. He said that every small business could become Dhirubhai Ambani or Bill Gates.

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