Satya Nadella Criticizes CAA For Being Anti-National

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella said that he was saddened by protests over the new Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) in India. He further said that what was happening was sad.

Satya Nadella on CAA

He said that he would love seeing a Bangladeshi immigrant in India to create the next unicorn in India or become the next CEO of Infosys while speaking to BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith at a Microsoft event in the US.

Later he tweeted from his official handle that every country would and should define its borders and set immigration policies but in democracies, people would define and debate within those bounds. He said that he was shaped by Indian heritage, growing up in a multicultural India and his immigrant experience in the US. His hope was for an India where an immigrant could aspire to find a prosperous startup or lead a multinational corporation benefitting society and economy of India.

Ramachanrda Guha backed Nadella’s statement

Noted historian Ramchandra Guha supported Nadella and said that he wished the big names in the domestic IT industry would take a stand as he did. He tweeted that he wished that the country’s IT czars had the courage and wisdom to say what Nadella said.

Letter to PM

A group of 150 Indian-origin professionals associated with tech giants including Google, Amazon, and Facebook sent an open letter opposing the CAA and NRC. They dubbed the acts as fascists. Published with under “TechAgainstFascism” also urged the other business leaders to oppose CAA and NRC.


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