COVID-19 Is A National Emergency In US

US President Donald Trump declared coronavirus a national emergency and free up $50 billion in federal funds to vastly ramp the testing facility to battle against the outbreak. He said that he was declaring a national emergency to unleash the full power of the federal government.

Donald Trump on battling COVID-19

He said that the next eight weeks were crucial but he was hopeful of winning the battle. The all US States are asked to set emergency centers. Also, the federal government will partner with private companies to accelerate production of test kits for coronavirus.

Trump also asked every hospital to activate emergency preparedness plan to provide medical assistance to Americans everywhere. He said that the government would remove every obstacle to deliver the care the Americans are entitled to.

The US health secretary also got new authority to waive a series of regulations like telemedicine and allowing medical facilities to bring more staff.

US authorities were criticized

The authorities were facing criticism over lack of test kits that allowed the virus to take the country into its grip. Earlier the Trump administration announced that it was funding $1.3 billion in two labs that would develop the kits that give authentic results in one hour. These firms are DiaSorin Molecular of California and QIAGEN of Maryland.

Meanwhile the US Food and Drug Administration has already given green signal to Swiss Pharmaceutical giant Roche to develop a faster COVID-19 kit. Also, Roche has promised that half of the kits would be available early next week.


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