Hardik Pandya Won Hearts With His Cricket And Sportsmanship

India beat Pakistan by 5 wickets in the Asia Cup clash on Sunday in Dubai. But what made news was the picture of Hardik Pandya hugging Mohammad Rizwan from behind. It was a historic match where both teams displayed unmatched sportsmanship.


• Hardik Pandya’s superb game and sportsmanship won hearts
• His clip of hugging Mohammad Rizwan is winning hearts on the Internet
• India will next play with Hong Kong on Wednesday

What Was Hardik Pandya’s Score?

Pakistan scored 147 in 19.5 overs and gave India a target of 148 in 20 overs in the Asia Cup Group A clash on Sunday at the Dubai International Stadium. Team India defeat Pakistan by five wickets in 19.4 overs. Hardik Pandya smashed 33 runs off just 17 balls with four boundaries and one sixer. He also took three wickets. It was an all-round performance by Hardik Pandya.

When Did Hardik Pandya Hug Mohammad Rizwan?

Hardik Pandya Hug Mohammad Rizwan

It was a beautiful shot from the match. Seeing two players from opposite teams in a friendly gesture, especially in India and Pakistan is rare. But this rare event was caught on Sunday when Hardik Pandya Hugged wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan from behind.

How India Won The Match?

Hardik Pandya was at his best on Sunday. In the last over, India needed 6 runs from 4 balls. Hardik Pandya was on the batting wicket. He played a dot ball against Mohammad Nawaz and gestured towards Dinesh Karthik that he was in control. And he played the winning shot on the next ball. But it would not have been possible without the 4 wickets including that of Pakistan captain Babar Azam that Bhuvneshwar Kumar took. The pacer took 4 wickets in 26 runs and displaced the captain in the third over.

What Is Next In Asia Cup?

In the next match in Group A clash on Wednesday, India will face Hong Kong. A confident team India is ready to snatch the match. The action will be unfolded the day after tomorrow.

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