Health Issues Forced WWE Superstar Triple H To Take Early Retirement

The legendary WWE star Paul Levesque popularly known as Triple H and “The Game” announced retirement from in-ring competitions citing health reasons. He said he wouldn’t take part in wrestling competitions after suffering a major cardiac issue last September.

Who Is Paul Levesque?

The 52-year-old WWE icon began his wrestling career in 1992. Before joining WWE, he had been with World Wrestling Championship (WCW) for two years. In WWE, he became a true legend of the sport by winning the world championship title 14 times. His fans fondly call him Triple H and “The Game”. Triple H last showed up in the WWE Super Showdown in 2019 when he went toe-to-toe against Randy Orton.

What Are The Health Issues With Triple H?

“The Game” took the decision to walk out of all in-ring competitions after suffering major cardiac trauma in September 2021. He said that his heart issues were life-threatening. He said he was down with pneumonia and his heart and lungs were filled with fluid. He was taken to emergency treatment but by that time the ejection fraction of his hard had dipped to 22.

The heart ejection fraction of a normal person remains around 55-60 percent but the Triple H was nosediving as his heart further dipped to 12% that was an alarming situation for the WWE wrestler. The medical team supervising his health sent him for an MRI and heart scan. They used a defibrillator to revive Triple H.

Triple H To Take Early Retirement

The legendary wrestler was talking to ESPN media while narrating the gut-wrenching ordeal he went through while getting the treatment. At that time, he had no idea how would he come back but then he decided that would never wrestle again. While his decision could disappoint his fans but they would never want the wrestler to enter the ring at the risk of his life.


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