Highlights The Fiery Debate Of Citizenship Amendment Bill

Lok Sabha passed the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill in the midnight on Monday after spending 7 hours in heated debate and with 311 voting in favour and 80 against the bill. The bill will be tabled in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.

During the debate, Union Home Minister Amit Shah assured the country that the CAB was no even 0.001% against the minorities residing in India. He even questioned the intention of Congress in opposing the bill and blamed Congress for dividing the country on religious lines in 1947. He stressed that the CAB would make it easy for non-Muslim migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to become Indian citizens.

Highlights of the CAB debate

• PM Narendra Modi congratulated the Lok Sabha for passing the CAB and said that it was in centuries-old ethos of assimilation and belief in humanitarian values.

• Amit Shah said that CAB couldn’t be linked to National Register of Citizens (NRC) brought to identify illegal immigrants in India.

• Rejecting the claim that the centre was trying to make a Hindu Pakistan, Amit Shah said that Muslims had grown from 9.8% to 14% India but in Pakistan, minorities were reduced from 23% to 3.7%.

• Some north-eastern states have been excluded from CAB due to specific reasons.

Shiv-Sena was earlier opposed to the bill but later decided to support CAB in Lok Sabha.

• Congress posed the bitter objection and opposition to the bill. It claimed that CAB was against the spirit of the constitution. Shashi Tharoor even said that BJP’s thinking was similar to that of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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