How Black Friday Became A Shopping Season?

Black Friday is around the corner. It is the day people wait for all the year. They wait to buy gifts. Also, it is start of the shopping season for Christmas. Retailers like Walmart are busy minting currency with big offers on high-end gadgets and the buyers are enjoying early discount on popular products.

What is Black Friday?

It is the Friday following the Thanksgiving Day in America. It usually comes on the fourth Friday of November and has been celebrated as beginning of Christmas shopping season since 1952. It is a big day for both the shoppers and the retailers. Although it isn’t an official holiday, California and some other states observe a holiday on Black Friday.

How is Black Friday celebrated?

Retailers offer highly promoted sales on Black Friday. They open early and keep opened till midnight and sometimes past midnight. Some stores start their sale on Thanksgiving Day to take advantage of the shopping spree. Retailers line their products for sale and offer lucrative discounts to attract buyers.

Black Friday 2019

In 2019, Black Friday would fall on 29th November but the sale has started on the Thanksgiving Day with big retailers including Walmart offering lucrative discounts on gadgets like Apple Watch 3.


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