How Joe Biden Failed In Neera Tanden’s Case?

oe Biden accepting Neera Tanden’s request to withdraw her name for Director of the Office of Management and Budget is seen as the first cabinet defeat for the US president in an evenly divided Senate.

Reason behind Neera Tanden’s withdrawal

The lawmakers from both the sides were clear on opposing Neera Tanden’s nomination for the said post because her unfriendly nature towards lawmakers. She was alleged to disparage the lawmakers in her earlier tweets.

What does Tanden’s defeat means for Biden?

Joe Biden has to work to keep his flock of lawmakers together for every piece of legislation as the chamber is deadlocked at 50-50. It means that if he loses confidence of are single Democrat, he would have to face more embarrassing situations in his four-year term.

In Tanden’s case, it was Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who clearly signaled that he won’t vote for Neera Tanden. He displayed the power of one Democrat in the Senate.

What is next for Biden?

Joe Biden should be ready to face another litmus test when he presents the $1.9 trillion Covid relief package. The Senate will vote on the bill but the Republican community is opposed to the bill. The only for Biden to clear the bill is to get all Democrats on the same page.

Joe Biden gets bipartisan support

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo. were voted with bipartisan support. Also, The Council of Economic Advisors chair Cecilia Rouse became the first Black person to serve in the position.


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