How People Of India Celebrate Baisakhi?

Baisakhi 2020 will be celebrated in the lockdown state but it won’t be different from earlier times. In normal days, people used to celebrate Baisakhi with family members and friends. Today, they will celebrate the festival at home and use latest communication technology to feel togetherness.

Origin of Baisakhi

Taken from the word Baisakh, Baisakhi is the biggest festival in Punjab and Haryana. It marks end of the harvest season. On this day, melas are organized where people sing and dance to the tune of rural songs. Bhangra, the folk dance of Punjab, is quite popular in the Baisakhi dance.

Baisakhi in Kerala

In Kerala, it is called “Vishu”. And the festival starts with decoration of flowers, fruits, cereals and clothes and gold etc. The first thing the people do this day is to see the decoration. It is believed that seeing decoration will bring happiness and prosperity to their homes.

Baisakhi in Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, Baisakhi is celebrated as “BikhotiMahotsava”. The day starts with taking a dip in holy rivers. Also, in some parts of the state, there is a tradition to stone the symbols of demons.

Baisakhi in Assam

In Assam, people celebrate Baisakhi as “Bohag Bihu” or “Rangali Bihu”. Also, the Assamese new year starts with Baisakhi. According to traditions, it is the celebration of Vishu Sankranti (Aries Sankranti) in Baisakh month. Locally the “Bohg” festival continues for 7 days.

Baisakhi in Orissa

In Orissa, Baisakhi is known as “Mahavishuva Sankranti”. Also, it is the start of the new calendar in Orissa. The festival is celebrated by depiction of culture and civilization through folk arts.


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