Husband Murdered Kerala Model Sahana Alleged Her Family

A young model and small-time actor, Sahana, from Kozhikode in Kerala was found dead in her home by her husband, Sajjad. It was her birthday and the couple argued on that day. While Sajjad claims that she died by suicide, Sahana’s family alleges that she is murdered by her husband.


• A Kerala model Sahana died in suspicious circumstances at her home on her birthday
• Her family alleged that she was tortured in her marital home by Sajjad, his parents, and sister
• It was her 21st birthday but she wasn’t allowed to meet her family
• The police found Sahana on the lap of Sajjad

Who Was Sahana?


A native of Cheruvathur in Kasargod district in Kerala, the 21-year-old Sahana was a young model. She appeared in several jewelry ads and was hopeful of making a career in movies. She married Sajjad one and a half years ago and shifted to her marital home in Kozhikode. Sajjad was previously employed in Qatar before his marriage to Sahana.

What Were The Sequences That Led To The Death Of Sahana?

Sahana was being tortured by her in-laws and sister-in-law. Sajjad would torture her as well. He would come drunk and fought with her almost regularly. When Sahana narrated her ordeal to her family, her parents advised her to move out of that house.

Murdered Kerala Model Sahana

Sahana and Sajjad started living in a rented apartment in Kozhikode city’s Parambil Bazar but nothing changed for Sahana. On her birthday, Sajjad came drunk and they argued about that. After that Sahana went into the bathroom where she was found dead.

According to Sajjad, he called Sahana several times when he found her missing at home. Finally, he found her dead in the bathroom. Their neighbor and owner of that flat was the first to reach the home. He called the police who found Sahana lying on the lap of Sajjad.

What Did The Police Find?

The police said that the suicide theory was made by Sajjad. They found a plastic rope in the bathroom but it is yet to determine whether that rope could be used for suicide.

Sahana’s family alleged that Sajjad killed her for money. He used to torture her for money. She acted in a Tamil venture and received some amount for the job. Sajjad wanted that money. He had also consumed the 25 sovereigns of gold Sahana got from her family. Sajjad has been taken into custody and an investigation is going on.


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