Sarkaru Vaari Paata Movie Review

The Movie Highlights The Growing Menace Of Big Corporates Defaulting On Bank Loans And The Government Hiding Such Financial Crimes

Mahesh Babu starrer Sarkaru Vaari Paata made a blasting start in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where it collected around Rs.36.01 crore on the first day. But the credit for this early success could be given to the hype and noise made by the trailer. Late reviews of the movie are less than satisfactory for director Parasuram.


The story revolves around rich people defaulting on bank loans and the government-corporate nexus protecting the big defaulters by recovering the bad debt from average people.

Mahesh loses his parents at an early age. They had a farm loan that they were unable to repay and they decide to end their life leaving their only son Mahesh with Rs.1. Mahesh finds refuge in an orphanage and emerges as a big moneylender in Miami, US.

Mahesh loves money so much that he values dollars above everything and everyone. One day he meets Kalavathi (Keerthy Suresh) and gets impressed by his traditional lifestyle. Kalavathi asks him for a small loan of $10,000 that Mahesh gives even without checking her papers. She becomes his love interest.

Sarkaru-Vaari-Paata love seen

In the next scene, Kalavathi is seen in a western dress. She is a modern woman who loves going to casinos and spending lavishly on gambling. Kalavathi is the daughter of a big business tycoon Rajendranath (Samuthirakani) of India. She lives in Vizag with her father.

Mahesh understands that he was fooled to get a loan and decides to follow her to India to get her loan back. In India, he meets his father but instead of getting afraid of the muscle and political power of Rajendranath, he asks him to pay Rs.10,000 crore instead of the Indian equivalent of $10,000.


• The first half is quite entertaining with comedy
• The second half touches the audience emotionally
• Both lead characters are praised for their portrayal of characters
• Keerthy Suresh beautifully reflects the Indian and American lifestyles
• The movie is a potboiler


• Mahesh grows into a moneylender without any support
• A masala movie with customary fight scenes and song sequences
• The story moves faster than one can think of

Sarkaru Vaari Paata First Look & Poster

Sarkaru Vaari Paata First Look & Poster

The poster features Mahesh with keys in both hands and people staring at him in the background. The dust seen in the poster suggests that was a fight scene from the movie. The movie titles are written in both Telugu and English.

Why Watch The Movie?

If you are a hardcore fan of Mahesh, you will certainly go to see your favorite hero in action.


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