I Had No Choice Said Kubra Sait On Her Abortion

Sacred Games star Kbura Sait made startling revelations regarding her one-night stand and abortion in her memoir titled Open Book: Not Quite A Memoir. She also opened up on achieving motherhood for a woman.


• Kubra Sait released her memoir in which she revealed she had an abortion
• The actress said she had a one-night stand after which she decided to end the pregnancy
• The actress said she wasn’t ready to be a mother

Which Book Did Kubra Sait Write?

Actress Kubra Sait penned a book titled ‘I Wasn’t Ready to Be a Mother’ in which she shared an incident that concluded in an abortion. In 2013, Kubra Sait went to Andamans. She was 30 then. In Andamans, she had a good scuba diving experience followed by a one-night stand. The actress wrote that she decided to end the pregnancy after a week. She further wrote she wasn’t ready for that. It just wasn’t the way she had imagined her life or her journey.

Did Kubra Sait Any Regrets Of That Incident?

Kubra Sait Any Regrets Of That Incident

According to Kubra Sait, she wasn’t ready for that. She said this to Times Digital during an interview. She further opened up that she wasn’t ready for that because as a human being. The actress went on to reveal her thoughts about motherhood. She said she didn’t understand the pressure on women to get married at 23 and had children by the time they were 30. It was like a set invisible rulebook. She knew she wasn’t ready for that.

On the question of regrets, Kubra Said Sait said she had no regrets. She felt like a terrible human being. A horrible human being because of that choice she had made. She said that her feeling bad wasn’t because of others. Her choice was about her. She said sometimes helping oneself could be hard. But one had to do that.

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