Alexandra Daddario Changed Her Wedding Destination From Italy To New Orleans For This Reason

Alexandra Daddario surprised her fans and followers with the sudden announcement of her wedding to the film producer Andrew Form. She said they had been husband and wife for the past week or so.


• Alexandra Daddario first chose to marry in Italy but later shifted the venue to New Orleans
• For the wedding, Daddario wore a long pleated dress, and Andrew Form chose a lightweight pinstripe suit
• They first met on an empty street in New York during lockdown

What Was Alexandra Daddario’s Choice Of Wedding Destination?

Alexandra Daddario’s Choice Of Wedding Destination

The 36-year-old White Lotus star of HBO first wanted to marry in Italy so she could enjoy Italian wine for three days straight but she changed her mind from drinking wine to music after attending her friends’ idyllic wedding in New Orleans. She chose Big Easy for an authentic New Orleans wedding that includes music, drinking, and much more. And the ceremony concluded with the couple being escorted by the lauded jazz band to the French Quarter for a night of cheeseburgers, dancing, and tarot card readings.

Wedding Dress Of The Couple

Wedding Dress Of The Couple

Alexandra Daddario’s appeared in a long pleated dress and trailing tulle veil designed by Danielle Frankel. She was also seen with a lacy white parasol at some point in time. Brunello Cuccinelli designed Andrew Form’s lightweight pinstripe suit. And it can be said that they both kept the Louisiana heat in mind while choosing their ensemble.

How Did They Meet?

They met while walking around New York during the lockdown. And they were the only people on the otherwise busy street. Form turned to Daddario and said her ‘Hi’. Daddario also responded with a smile and they started laughing. Form immediately offered dinner that Daddario accepted and they both went to Athens in August 2021. There they shared bottles of wine and decided to get married.


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