IAF Day 2022: Celebrations Over Sukhna Lake

Indian Air Force is completing its 90 years of service on 8 October which is also its raising day. It came into service on 8 October 1932 as Indian Air Force and worked as an auxiliary air force to the British Empire. Post-independence, it was retained as Indian Air Force.


• Indian Air Force celebrates its raising day on 8 October every year
• Celebrations include a parade and fly-past from Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh
• It is the first time that celebrations will be out of the NCR

What Are The Celebrations Planned For IAF Day?

Indian Air Force will celebrate its raising day out of the capital for the first time. The 90-year celebrations will take place over Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh this afternoon. The celebrations include a parade and fly-past of fighter jets. IAF will fly 75 jets including Tejas, Sukhoi, MIG -29, Jaguar, Rafale, Hawk, and the recently included light combat helicopter (LCH) in the fly-past over Sukhna Lake. President Draupadi Murmu and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will be present on this occasion.

History Of the Indian Air Force?

History Of the Indian Air Force

British government formed Royal Indian Air Force on 8 October 1932 and it continued to serve the British Empire until the independence of India. Post-independence, Royal Indian Air Force was maintained in the name of the Dominion of India. In 1950, when the country became a republic, the government dropped the prefix Royal to make it Indian Air Force. But the raising day is celebrated on 8 October every year.

What Are The Achievements Of the Indian Air Force?

IAF Day 2022

British Empire honored the Indian Air Force with the prefix, Royal, for its services during World War II. Post-independence, IAF played a decisive role in the following wars.

• Congo Crisis (1960-1966)
• The Annexation of Goa (1961)
• The Second Kashmir War (1965)
• The Bangladesh Liberation War (1971)
• The Kargil War (1999)
• The Balakot airstrike and the India-Pakistan standoff of 2019

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