Imran Khan Speaks On Citizenship Amendment Bill And Receives A Fitting Reply Fitting Reply

India categorically rejects Imran Khan’s opinion on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and said that his thoughts were inspired by anti-India mindset. India also advised Imran Khan to work for his country.

Pakistan President Imran Khan in Geneva

Imran Khan said that India’s CAB was creating a major refugee problem in South Asia. But India replied that his thinking shows prejudice and hatred towards India. Also, that Imran Khan should be more worried about his country.

India’s Permanent Representative to UN, Rajiv K Chander further said that India strictly condemn the baseless comment of Imran Khan. Pakistan presented itself as a self-proclaimed champion of human right but little did it know that the minority population had shrunk from 23% in 1947 to 3% today maintained Rajiv K Chander. The draconian blasphemy laws and blatant use of forced conversions reduced the size of minorities in Pakistan.

Imran Khan should take care of his country

Rajiv K Chander continued attacking Imran Khan by saying that Indians didn’t want anyone to speak for them. At least the people that had developed an industry of terrorism utter a single word in the favor of Indians. Imran Khan was advised to focus on the welfare of his people.

Imran Khan spoke against CAB

He said that CAB was made to persecute Muslims by denying them citizenship. This law had deprived Muslims of their rights and it was causing riots and bringing people on roads. He further said that India was trying to bring Muslims to minority and it could cause war between atomic forces.


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