Janmashtami 2019: Flowery Bungalow By Sanatan Dharam Mandir And Three-Colored Flowery Drapes By ISCKON Are Among The Attractions

Noida residents would get a different view of Radha-Krishna this Janmashtami. The Sanatan Dharam Mandir in Sector-19, Noida, has different plans for this Janmashtami. It is preparing a 2000 kg flowery bungalow for Radha-Krishna. And it is going to be massive for this festival.

Other temples in Noida have also ordered flowers in bulk to welcome Nandalal. Flowers are ordered from different states but most flowers are ordered from Vrindavan and devotees have already started making garlands with those flowers at the temples.

Sanatan Dharam Mandir Janmashtami preparation

In addition to constructing a flowery bungalow for Radha-Krishna, the temple would be decorated with 1200 kg flowers. The fragrance of flowers would spread all over the city.

ISCKON preparing for Janmashtami

ISCKON temple will decorate the temple with 800 kg flowers but the good thing is that it is buying only Indian flowers. This time, no foreign flowers would be used for decoration. Also, the devotees will bring flowers with them.

Focus is on Indian variety

ISCKON used to decorate temple with exotic variety of flowers brought from Thailand and other countries. But this year, the temple has decided to follow Indian. Flowers for decoration are ordered from different states of south India.

Attraction of ISCKON temple

Carriage of Nandalal, bungalow and temple would be decorated with Indian variety of flowers. But the biggest attraction is the three-colored drapes designed with flowers. These flowery drapes would give a different look to the temple and the entre campus. The beautiful drapes are attracting people. For more information please visit our latest trending News

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