Jeff Bezos Will Fulfill His Childhood Dream Of Blasting Into Space In His Rocket

The 57-year-old Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, is planning a trip to space in his rocket. He will ride a reusable New Shephard rocket that has been tested 15 times by his Blue Origin Company.

When will the flight take off?

Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world by Forbes’ estimate and now he’s going to be the first billionaire to travel to space. The flight will take July 20 on the 52nd anniversary of the first moon landing by Apollo 11 which took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon.

Bezos will be accompanied by his younger brother, Mark who’s an investor and volunteer firefighter. Also, there’ll if a lucky winner of an online charity auction. A New Shephard rocket will take all the occupants to space from remote West Texas on the said date.

Blue Origin’s flight details

Blue Origin took inspiration from Alan Shephard who’s the first American to go to space in a sub-orbital ride aboard a Mercury capsule in 1961. Blue Origin even named its capsule on Alan Shephard. But Bezos flight will be five minutes less than Shephard’s historical flight.

Also, the New Shephard capsule has more room than its predecessor. What is more exciting is that every seat in the capsule is provided with a huge window to soak in panoramic views of the space.

Jeff Bezos wants to start his space tourism business with this flight. He will offer seats to interested people. The flight will include three minutes of weightlessness in space. But the cost of a ticket is yet to be announced.

Competition in space

Elon Musk is also preparing to send his first rocket in September this year. Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson is also in the race to space tourism. The 75-year-old Branson will offer up-and-down flights to-from-space to the lower reaches and not Earth-orbiting rides.


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