Johnny Depp Had A Broken Bottle Against My Face Recounted Amber Heard

Amber Heard recounted an incident when her ex-husband Johnny Depp threatened to “carve up” her face with a broken bottle one month after their marriage in 2015.


• Amber Heard recounted harrowing details of domestic abuse by her ex-husband Johnny Depp
• They married in 2015 and divorced two years later
• Depp brought a defamation suit of $50 million against Heard
• Heard countersued Depp and charged $100 million

What Was That Incident?


It happened in March 2015 in Australia during the filming of the fifth installment of the “Pirates” series. Heard said that she confronted Depp for his drinking habit and he dared her to take his bottle from him. Heard went ahead and threw a bottle on the floor. Irritated, Depp started hitting her with beer cans but she escaped unhurt. Finally, he broke a bottle and threatened Heard to “carve up” her face. He even tore her nightgown and sexually assaulted her that night.

What Is The Case Heard Was Testifying For?

The 36-year-old “Aquaman” actress was testifying for a defamation case filed against her by her actor husband 58-year-old Depp. It started with Heard writing an op-ed for The Washington Post in December 2018. She presented herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse”. Though she didn’t name Depp in the op-ed, Depp sued her for labeling him as a domestic abuser and sought $50 million in damages.

In return, Heard countersued Depp for the “rampant physical violence and abuse” she suffered at his hands and sought $100 million in damages. She also recounted harrowing incidents of physical abuse. She narrated an incident when Depp slapped her across her face during a flight and before his security and personal staff.

Depp Ha Already Lost A Libel Case

Lost A Libel Case

Depp’s lawyers claimed that he had already lost a $22.5 million payday for the sixth installment of the “Pirates” franchise due to Heard’s allegations. Earlier Depp filed a separate libel case in London against The Sun claiming the newspaper called him a “wife-beater”. But he lost the case in November 2020. He brought the present case after losing the London case.


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