Major 8 reasons why we should Plant Trees

Planting trees are one of the easiest things we do for making our environment healthy. Trees are a major thing we need now and more than ever. There are so many benefits of trees that make our life healthy and disease-free. They are the lifeline to our healthier environment and life.

There are also many uses of trees like we eat from them, we make furniture from them, we also get paper from them, etc. As we know trees are so important for us. So, we have share some reasons why we should Plant more trees.

Trees hold the soil

It helps to prevent soil erosion by holding the soil in its position with the roots of trees which grow deep into the soil. Especially it prevents the steep terrain and hillside areas from erosion.

Trees Isolate Carbon Dioxide

The gas which humans and other living organisms produced can be taken by trees or other green plants. The level of carbon dioxide would be high without trees in our atmosphere which causes danger to our lives.

Trees give us oxygen

The most important and necessary thing that humans need to live in oxygen and this gas is produced by trees through Photosynthesis.

Tree Dependent animals

These are fundamental to many ecosystems on Earth. They are a habitat for wildlife also. Some animals like a northern spotted owl in Washington live their entire lives in trees and cannot live without the old forests.

They Increase the property Values

It increases the value of the property because as we know the home matures trees grow on the area will be sold for 7 to 19 percent more and give more profit to everyone.

Trees save Energy

This helps to block the strong winds and give us shades. They help to reduce the heat from the sun in summers and prevent us from rains and stormy winds in winters.

Very essential for Mental and physical wellness

They are very important for patients who are in hospitals and see the tress from the hospital room balcony and it increases the healing of patients and gives the mental relief. Children enjoy the shady trees and Parks for playing in nature.

Trees feed us

They give us delicious fruits and nuts. By planting trees in your yard is very useful because it gives yummy things to you and your family.

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