Make Karwa Chauth 2019 Special For Your Wife

October 17 will be Karwa Chauth, a religious ceremony special for married Hindu women called “Suhagan”. Every Suhagan keeps fast from sunrise to sunset to pray for well-being and long-life of her husband.

About Karwa Chauth

Every year the fourth-day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik is celebrated as KarwaChath. This day is considered auspicious for fasting for a happy married life. This fast is exclusively for women. On this day, Suhagans wake up early and have breakfast before the sun rises. It is so because they are prohibited from eating or drinking till sunset. The fast is opened only when the moon rises.

How the Karwa Chauth performed?

It starts with listening to a religious story related to Karwa Chauth in the evening before the sunset. Women observing fast can perform the puja in groups or go to a nearby temple, according to their convenience. After the puja is complete, they wait for the moon to rises. Suhagans first see the moon and then their husbands. Finally, the husbands give water to their wives for opening the fast.

Highlights of Karwa Chauth

  • Women spend an entire day without food and water
  • They spend lavishly on makeup and dressing
  • Husbands buy expensive gifts for their wives
  • People exchange quotes and messages for Karwa Chauth on social media
  • Women can fast even after engagement

The modern lifestyle also has a say in Karwa Chauth. Boutiques and hotels offer special discounts and packages for Karwa Chauth. Today it is celebrated as a national festival.


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