Mark Miller Wanted To Make A Movie On Jupiter’s Legacy With Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn

Jupiter’s Legacy TV series is finally premiered on Netflix but the big question is, whether it would be able to challenge Marvel’s onscreen adventures.

Let’s see what the creator of the series Mark Millar has to share about the series….

Mark Millar started said that he’d just done Marvel’s biggest books like Kick-Ass and that he knew that if he was to do another superhero story, it had to be the greatest superhero story of all time.

So, Millar was aware of the competition prior to creating Jupiter’s Legacy….

Jupiter’s Legacy has started streaming on Netflix from Friday in a crowded market. There’re Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and TV series with a long list of superpowered series and sequels. And Millar was aware of the crowd and the competition in the market even before he conceived the original comic.

Mark Miller shares his secret….

What made Miller confident about the success of his new superhero comic was his association with Marvel and DC. He had the credit to work on The Ultimates and Civil War comics, both of which became the foundation stone for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He said that writing for Marvel’s comics connected him to a large audience that he could siphon off. And it is the secret of his success. He was confident that his new comic could taste success and it did exactly what he had conceived.

Kick-Ass and Kingsman increased the worth of his Millerworld production company to £25 million ($31 million). Netflix bought it at this price in 2017.

Miller further said that his work for Marvel and DC was like a training time for writing Jupiter’s Legacy. The story starts from 1929 with the history of super characters and continues with more characters being added to the story.

Miller wanted to make a movie on Jupiter’s Legacy….

Mark Miller approached Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn with the idea of turning his comic into a movie but the director said that the story was more suitable for a 40-hour TV series. Season 1 of the series has just started. In season 1, the characters narrate the origin story of 1929 in flashbacks.

Miller said that the first season will include the stuff from the initial issues of the comic. Also, he said that he had plenty of stuff available to write season 2 or more.


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