What Went Wrong With Serena William’s Latest Instagram Pictures?

Serena Williams looks a little darker in her latest Instagram picture. At first, it is difficult to recognize the tennis star but a side-by-side comparison of her pics shows that the woman in the picture is Serena Williams.

Some glaring mistakes….

The award-winning tennis star is a pretty woman with a beautiful face and an attractive figure. Her complexion is fair and she’s beautiful locks. But the picture, she recently posted on Instagram, shows her in a different light.

Let’s look at that picture….

Serena Williams is with her husband Alexis Ohanian. They both are wearing similar black dresses but Alexis Ohanian is wearing a cap while Serena has let her locks flow with the wind. It is a scenic place as visible in the blurred background.

Serena looks much darker in complexion than her husband. Also, she’s messed up with her beautiful hair. She used to be a fair woman as visible in her earlier pictures. Also, she never had a bad hairstyle. But the picture shows that she needs a haircut and some cosmetic job.

It could be photoshop work….

Yes, it is possible, but the chances of it being photoshop work are thinning with time. None of her fans has claimed that the image is photoshopped for a prank or to malign the social image of the star tennis player. Whatever it could be, it has become a hot topic of secret Internet gossips about stars.

Her latest picture doesn’t even match with her sister Venus. She looks terribly different but her husband seems happy with her new complexion and hairstyle. Alexis Ohanian can be seen sipping some beverage while looking at Serena and smiling with love.

The fact behind the latest picture of Serena Williams isn’t known but the picture has certainly stirred the calm water of the Internet.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3us6mLE

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