No Fireworks On New Year’s Eve In Germany

Germany has decided to do away with private fireworks on the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Fireworks was a staple in Germany’s New Year celebrations but the government has decided to discourage private fireworks for reasons varying from safety to pollution.

New Year fireworks in Germany

The country celebrates New Year as “Silvester” and fireworks are considered a staple of this celebration but this year, Germans have decided to scale down the level of fireworks to their historic buildings and environment safe. But there will be official firework for Silvester.

Berlin and a dozen of other German cities and communities have put a partial ban on private fireworks. For successful implementation of the ban, three zones in the capital city have been designated fireworks free on New year’s Eve.

But official and private firework displays in most places will continue as normal and it includes the spectacular show at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate. The German sky would fill with light and sound of millions of tiny explosions. But the Germans have a taken a decision regarding New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Reasons for discontinuing fireworks

Berlin’s ban on firework display during New Year celebrations is primarily focused on public safety. Aachen, a town in western Germany, limited the use of high-flying fireworks to prevent potential damage to its historic buildings. But other cities pointed to environmental and health concerns due to fireworks. Fine dust particles produced by explosions are a hazard to environment and public health.


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