Portugal Beats Azerbaijan 1-0 With Secret Hand From Azerbaijan

It was a rusty display of football by Portugal while playing their World Cup qualifier at home with Azerbaijan. Though they kept possession of the ball for maximum time and attempted a series of attacks, but couldn’t succeed. And the only goal they scored was due to the fault of Azerbaijan.

How did Portugal get its goal?

It came in the 37th minute when Maksim Medvedev entered to end a deadlock their goalkeeper was in and accidentally sent the ball into their own goal. The goalkeeper Shahrudin Mahammadaliyev who was stuck in the deadlock couldn’t even imagine in his dreams that their player will make this mistake.

How many opportunities did Portugal miss?

Portugal team made a total of 29 attempts at goal and out of which 14 shots hit the target but none resulted in a goal. Even their star player that is an all-time scorer Cristiano Ronaldo looked frustrated in the evening. He had eight attempts to the goal but none converted into a goal. In one attempt, he went closest to the goal during a late free-kick but Mahammadaliyev tripped that shot. It was the second time in four games at his home stadium that Ronaldo failed to score goals.

Who was the star player of the game?

Azerbaijan goalkeeper Shahrudin Mahammadaliyev was undoubtedly the star player. It was he who neutralized the Portugal attack. He remained busy throughout the evening keeping his goalpost safe from Portugal. But he couldn’t save the only goal from his teammate.

Source:- https://bit.ly/2PuYvNB

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