Pradeep Mehra’s Viral Content

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri shares the inspiring story of a 19-year-old boy Pradeep Mehra

Filmmaker and author Vinod Kapri produced a short movie while driving home after a long day at work. On the way, he found a young boy sprinting on the near-empty road in Noida. Since it wasn’t jogging time and the boy running wasn’t looking like a jogger, Vinod Kapri become curious to know what is making that boy run on a hot and humid summer night.


• 19-year-old Pradeep Mehra hails from Uttarakhand and runs 10 km daily from his office to his home to join the Indian army
• He works in MacDonald’s Noida Sector 16 and lives in Barola
• His mother is hospitalized and he lives with his elder brother

So, what transpired between Pradeep Mehra and Vinod Kapri

Vinod Kapri on seeing a boy running: Hey! What happened? Why are you running at this time?

Pradeep Mehra while running: I am running to join the Indian Army.

VK: But why at late night and not in the morning?

PM: I have to go to the office in the morning and find time only after returning home.

VK: Who is in your family?

PM: I live with my elder brother and my mother is hospitalized.

VK: Let me drop you at home

PM: Sorry, but it will ruin my routine

VK: When will you have dinner?

PM: I will cook dinner after reaching home

VK: Come have dinner with me

PM: Sorry, but I have to cook dinner for my brother as well and my taking dinner will leave my brother hungry

VK: I will viral this video and you will become famous

PM: Who will recognize me? What will happen after it goes viral? I am not doing anything wrong

Pradeep Mehra’s Viral Content

And the video goes viral amassing 3.8 million views and 153,000 likes. Also, it started trending on Twitter. Within 12 hours of going to the web, people have started talking about the resolve of this young boy. Pradeep Mehra’s story will inspire millions of youngsters struggling to fulfill their dreams.


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