World Water Day 2022

PM Modi Calls For Water Conservation Efforts And Congratulates People And Organizations For Their Efforts In His Tweet

22nd March is celebrated as World Water Day every year. The first World Water Day was observed in 1993 and since then it is observed every year to educate people about the importance of fresh and clear water for all living things.


• The world is observing World Water Day by sending best wishes and quotes for the preservation of water
• Every year World Water Day is celebrated with a different theme
• The objective of celebrating World Water Day is to educate people about issues related to water

What Is World Water Day 2022 Theme?

Groundwater, Making the Invisible Visible is the theme of World Water Day 2022. The theme highlights groundwater as the largest source of freshwater available on the earth, but it is often overlooked. With this theme, the UN wants to draw the attention of the world towards the depleting level of groundwater and loss of freshwater.

How Is World Water Day Celebrated?

The day is observed by connecting more and more people to the celebrations through publications and social media content. People send Water Day quotes and messages to their family, friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, and social media contacts.

PM Modi Tweeted On World Water Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the world on Water Day to take a pledge to save every drop of water. He further highlighted the steps taken by the Indian government for water conservation. The Jal Jeevan Mission is working on water conservation and providing clean drinking water to every citizen. He also expressed his happiness to see water conservation becoming a mass movement over the last few years. Also, he thanked all and everyone working towards water conservation.

Water Day Quotes and Wishes

World Water Day 2022

• “Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water.” Save Water. – W.H.Auden

• “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Preserve water. – Leonardo da Vinci
• “All the water that will ever be is, right now.” – National Geographic
• Save water today, secure your tomorrow
• Waste water today, live in a desert tomorrow!
• Conserve water. The future is in your hands
• Water is Life. Let’s save the water together
• No matter, how much rich you are, you can’t live without water. Save water!
• Save our water bodies. Save our planet.
• A Gallon saved is a millions earned.


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