Reliance Jio And Airtel Broadband Are Competing To Give More In Less Than Rs. 1000

Jio and Airtel have locked in a fierce battle in the broadband sector with Reliance launching new plans and speed to woo customers. A worried Airtel hurriedly announced Extreme Fiber service to compete with Jio Fiber of Reliance. Airtel has now loaded its plans with 300Mbps to 1000Mpbs speed.

Reliance is also gearing up to prevent drifting of its customers towards VIP broadband plan recently launched by Airtel. The above-mentioned speed applies to affordable less than Rs. 1000 plans of Airtel broadband.

Let’s check less than Rs. 1000 plans of Jio Fiber and Airtel

Reliance Jio Fiber Rs. 849 monthly plan

It is a 100Mbps speed Silver Plan by Reliance. Its highlights are 200 GB data with FUP limit. Also, the company is offering extra 200 GB data free with this plan. In this way, the users get 400 GB data. Also, the plan includes free voice calling and OTT apps.

Reliance is offering Jio set-top-box and Jio Home Gateway with its Welcome Offer. Also, the company offers 800 GB data free every month and two-month free service with annual subscription of the Silver Plan.

Airtel Broadband Rs. 999 monthly plan

It Extreme Fiber plan with 200Mbps speed. Also, the plan includes 300 GB data free with FUP limit. Additional benefits included in the plan are three-month Netflix subscription, one-year Amazon Prime, G5 and Airtel Extreme apps. In addition, the users are allowed to improve this plan to unlimited plan by paying Rs. 299. The unlimited plan gives unlimited data.


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