Sensitive Details About Amitabh Bachchan Hack Bled Through The Dark Web

Hours after hacking the Twitter account of Amitabh Bachchan @SrBachchan, a chatter on the dark web claimed responsibility for the act. A Middle Easter hacker who claimed responsibility for hacking of @SrBachchan account was widely lauded throughout the night.

Special Inspector General of Police Brijesh Singh (Maharashtra Cyber) said that they observed the dark web and found certain elements boasting about the hack. The hackers also shared sensitive details about @SrBachchan account, said the Inspector General.

But the police restored @SrBachchan account to its original position with the help of Twitter authorities.

Another account hacked

Another incident of Twitter account hacking surfaced on Tuesday afternoon. The same culprit is believed to have hacked the Twitter account of singer Adnan Sami. His picture was also replaced with that of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and a tweet posted.

Who ever shows courage to betrayal our brother country Pakistan know that you will see Pakistan’s prime ministers photo and pakistan flag as profile picture

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