Soon Twitterati Will Be Allowed To Choose Who Can Reply To Their Tweets

Twitter will introduce a new feature to prevent trolls from hijacking conversations. Users will be allowed to choose who can replay to their tweets before they send their tweets. It will be rolled out for testing later this year.

New Twitter feature

The company has adopted an aggressive approach to prevent trolls and stop targeted harassment on its platform. The feature allows users to select people that can reply to their tweets from given options that include:

• Everyone
• Followers-only
• People only that are mentioned in the tweet
• Nobody

The tweets from public accounts would be visible to everyone but only the chosen viewers would be allowed to reply. But people can quote tweets from public accounts. According to Twitter’s director of product for conversations, Suzanne Xie, this new format for conversation didn’t exist before.

Twitter’s new move

The new feature is considered the boldest experiment to improve conversational health on social media. Earlier, it introduced “hide replies” feature to contain trolling but the users were required to manually hide replies and that was very unpractical especially when there were hundreds of replies to hide.

The ability to limit replies would help Twitter users from unwanted and unwelcome abuse and harassment out of nothing. It would dramatically improve their experience as they could choose the person that can add value to their tweets.

The feature is now available only to selected users and it will be made available for all after studying the findings of the experiment. If it is found to be useful, it would be provided to all.


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