4 August Friendship Day: Things You Should Keep In Mind While Doing Friendship Online

Friendship day is mostly celebrated all over the world. Having friends in life is equals to no stress and pain. They are always ready to share everything with you, doesn’t matter who are you?

In recent times, social media becomes the new destination to find new friends by via sending friends request. Once the request accepted by another person chatting starts and people go crazy for that particular person whom we never met in our life.

Can we trust social media friendship? Personally, I do not. We even do not know how long this will go. Your one fight can destroy everything.

According to experts, people are becoming crazy now to find new connections online rather in the live audience. They are trusting blindly on online friends and sharing their private information which sometimes turns into bad for them.

Making friends is a good thing, but not no social media. Millions of fake users are just for making time-pass and fun.

Always do what is good for you. Do not make friends for show-off. This is your life and to lead it safe you must take every type carefully.

How to celebrate friendship day this year?

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